Written by Tom Clarke • Published 30th October 2018 • 2 minute read

We’re always looking for ways to improve our health. Whether it is performance enhancing training apps, smart watches or the latest gadget to monitor our health. This multi-million-pound industry is on the rise.

With so many gadgets available it can be hard to know what’s worth the money. We’ve scanned through the health tech gadgets currently on the market and featured our favourites.


PainPod offers an effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit. Using cutting edge technology, the clever people at PainPod have managed to combine electrotherapy and microcurrents with the latest neurological understandings to help speed up recovery and reduce the pain caused by sport. If you do go ahead and purchase an item from the PainPod range, you’ll be in the company of illustrious sports teams such as the British and American Olympic teams and several Premier League clubs.


Pip helps you to lead a healthier and happier life by enabling you to personally manage your stress. By placing your fingertip in the gadget, Pip monitors your pores to measure the changing levels of stress. Pip will transfer these variations to the companion app which uses audio and visual feedback to externalise your body’s changing stress levels, giving you an opportunity to manage it.


Muhdo has created an affordable genetic profiling programme. Simply send your swab to them in the post and Muhdo does the rest. The Muhdo team will then run tests and create a fitness and nutritional plan bespoke to your genetic makeup. They tell you what nutrients your body needs, (what it doesn’t need) and what type of exercise will be best for you. There machine learning dashboard will then continue to provide personalised inspiration and advice throughout your health transformation.


How often have you found yourself scrambling around in the back of the cupboard trying to find a thermometer when your youngest is tucked up in bed with a temperature? Thermo offers a fast, effortless way to measure temperature and automatically syncs up with their dedicated app. Thermo measures directly from the temporal artery which is considered the perfect place to detect changes as the blood that circulates there comes from the core of the body. With 16 infrared sensors, Thermo really does take the most accurate measurements around.

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