Written by Tom Clarke • Published 8th April 2020 • 4 minute read

With Easter weekend fast approaching, the urge to self-isolate with a selection of Easter eggs and a stack of classic films is probably quite tempting. But as the NHS guidelines suggest exercising daily is a good way to keep the pandemic at bay, build your immune system, and it’ll also do wonders for your mental health too.

If you want to exercise for more than an hour at a time, and really take your mind off lock-down perhaps turning your attention to virtual sports would be a good place to start.

Whether it’s taking on a stage of the Tour, playing the back nine at Augusta or even getting your namaste on with a long yoga session, we’ve looked at some of the best virtual sport programs currently on the market.


Are you a road bike enthusiast? If so, then Rouvy could be just the medicine you need to take your mind off things. Developed in the Czech Republic, Rouvy turns indoor cycling into a world you won’t be able to get enough of. With 4,000 video routes, 6,000 workouts and monthly challenges readily available for you to take part in.

So, if you’ve had your morning coffee and have harnessed the spirit of Bradley Wiggins why not take on an uphill route like Passo Giau in Italy. Or alternatively, if you’re feeling a bit delicate after a weekend of Easter isolation partying, why not go for a gentle flat route like Lava Beds in the USA.

Virtual Runner UK

Are you at a loss without your usual Parkrun on a Saturday morning? Well don’t panic, thanks to the innovative program Virtual Runner UK, you can be back running from your treadmill or on your lunchbreak.

Whatever location you might find yourself in, Virtual Runner UK allows you to enter a race at a pace that you feel comfortable at and choose the distance you want to run from 5k to a full marathon. Simply enter a race online and provide evidence such as a screenshot from your Garmin or Fitbit app that shows you’ve done the distance the race required.

Once the results have been reviewed, your effort will be added to the leader board and Virtual Runner UK will send you a custom-designed medal in the post!


The first live, interactive yoga studio in the world. What separates Yogaia from other yoga platforms is that the studio is wherever you are. Which is exactly what we need. You’ll have a professional yoga teacher leading the class via a webcam.

Currently, Yogaia offers Pilates, meditation, kettlebell workouts, core and stretching classes, with prices starting at less than £7.50 per month (less than one class in London), what are you waiting for?


Centr is a personalized, digital health & fitness platform created by Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky and their hand-picked team of internationally-renowned experts. The platform includes elite trainers, celebrity chefs and wellbeing experts, all leading users towards their health and fitness goals.

With the ability to customise the program to suit any fitness level, personal dietary and lifestyle needs, Centr takes the guesswork out of health and wellbeing. It offers daily workouts, meal plans, meditations and 24/7 community support. Centr’s closed Facebook group also provides members with a supportive environment to chat to other members and experts.

Golf Bays

Want to turn your front room into a virtual golf course?

Whilst you might miss the smell of fresh air and the chance of a birdie, Golf Bays are providing the next best thing.

Their world-class all-purpose simulators are great for video teaching and come in three different versions depending on the price you’re willing to pay.

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