Written by Tom Clarke • Published 17th April 2020 • 3 minute read

As the weather improves and we enter the extended period of lockdown into the summer months, keeping the kids inside and entertained is going to become a challenging process for all parents in the UK. Realistically, there’s only so many times you can declare a movie marathon before the children will see straight through your strategy.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of exciting start-ups currently on the market that will help to keep the kids thoroughly amused and give you an opportunity to catch-up on emails or just have a peaceful 10 minutes to yourself.

From virtual children’s parties to science experiments that are delivered to your doorstep we’ve taken a closer look at five of our favourites.


It’s been a long journey for Toni Cassidy, founder of Glamavan. Initially, the business idea was formed in 2012, when she decided to undertake some beauty courses in her spare time whilst serving in the MET as a Police Officer.

By 2017, Toni decided to focus her efforts full time on her new passion and rebuilt, rebranded and completely expanded the business, which led to Glamavan being established.

Prior to COVID-19, Glamavan brought a touch of sparkle to your children’s parties, offering affordable luxury pamper parties, slumber parties and picnic’s all from the comfort of your home or a chosen location.

Whilst we’re on lock-down, Glamavan have changed their offering to include virtual parties. As a former police officer, each party is 100% secure and private, meaning you can rest easy whilst your loved ones can still celebrate with their friends and play party games such as pamper bingo!

MEL Science

A subscription service that offers a monthly delivery of safe chemistry experiments for kids. The subscription box is perfect for those who want their children to get an understanding of real science and aren’t getting access to a school laboratory.

All ingredients and instructions are shipped to your door including fancy science kits, chemistry equipment, safety glasses and a VR headset to name just a few.

With five to six exciting experiments included in your monthly subscription, you can rest assured your child will be kept utterly amused throughout the lock-down period.


toucanBox is an award-winning subscription service delivering activity kits to kids age 3–8.

Each box is built by educational experts to help develop key skills through hands-on play.

All the materials, instructions and inspiration are included to make getting creative easy, stress-free and really good fun.

It also helps families to bond as toucanBox encouraged them to participate in arts and crafts with their children.

Koru Kids

Launched by Rachel Carrell in 2016, Koru Kids provides parents with an efficient, affordable option for childcare. Carrell worked out that most families with children spend as much money on childcare as they do on their mortgage and set out to address this costly problem.

The service works by matching two families to one nanny, so each family pays less, while the nanny gets paid more. Better still, children get more individual attention than at nursery, but are still socialised and make new friends. It’s a win-win.

Carrell believes flexible, convenient and reasonable childcare options are fundamental to equality and participation in the workforce. We couldn’t agree more.

Government advice states that the public are allowed to leave their house to travel to and from work where this is absolutely necessary and cannot be done from home. This means that a nanny can work at a family’s home if their work is essential.

Koru Kids have thousands of local nannies ready to solve your childcare needs.


The digital world can be daunting for parents with more and more children accessing the internet at an increasingly younger age, and spending money without knowing it.

Azoomee is an entertainment app designed for children to watch TV shows, play games and listen to audiobooks with internet safety being a key priority.

With tutorials, audiobooks, an art studio and a parent-approved messaging service, much of the content on the app actively encourages kids to get ‘off the screen’ and learn art, science, natural history, spelling and magic.

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