Written by Lily Barnes • Published 2nd October 2018 • 4 minute read

In a marketplace where recruitment companies offer the same services it is hard for a candidate to define what really differentiates them. Perhaps a good way could be thinking about how each business adds value to customers. From career tips to how to improve their work/life balance, recruitment can add value and help people, it’s all about communicating well. One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is brand awareness and this is where PR can help.

Whether you want to gain brand awareness or engage with busy and hard-to-find candidates, we look at different ways to engage with your audience.

Humanise your brand

Searching for a job can be a fulltime task, not to mention before you even begin the process you need to find the business and recruitment firm which is the best match for you as a candidate. But as recruiters there is plenty you can do to make this decision easier. PR is an excellent way of communicating who you are as a business and what it is you can deliver for your candidates. A recent study confirmed that many UK consumers base the businesses they choose to interact with because of an emotive, core values connection. Tell your story, share your values and attract the right candidates for you.

Use social media to target the right audience

Social media has enabled engagement to a level which would have been impossible a few years ago and recruiters can now have real conversations and start bringing real personality to their brand.

56 percent of recruiters say they find some of their best candidates through social networks, followed by online job boards at 37 percent. Implementing a successful social media strategy can enable recruitment companies to attract promising candidates for their pipeline. So which channels should you focus your efforts?


Facebook is seen as a good ‘face of the company’ platform to provide some personality. Using Facebook for recruiting is a very effective way to reach candidates that are “passive” or not searching for a job, but open to the right opportunities. Job seekers are likely to follow the career pages of an industry-specific business. Not only because they are interested in what the company is about, but also because they are hoping the company would be advertising any possible job openings. Facebook also has the functionality to post jobs for your company page now. By utilising this function, you can let your most loyal followers aware of your latest hot job on the market.

Tip: To start a successful campaign, start telling your story using engaging posts and videos. Make sure you follow brand guidelines and find some inspiring content to share on a weekly basis.


Although all social media platforms can be used for different purposes in the recruiting process, it’s safe to say that LinkedIn is more professional, and business focused and an excellent way to network with the candidates you’re searching for. LinkedIn is also more relevant to recruiting, as candidates can highlight their resume, skills, experience, connections, and general influence in the field. Recruitment companies should routinely post relevant and engaging content for their followers such as blog posts, articles, videos, and pictures to show their knowledge of the job hunting process, new client wins and partnerships positioning themselves as though-leaders and an excellent way of endorsing your network to the candidate search pool.

Tips: Post on LinkedIn pulse: With over 500 million members and two new users joining every second it is a massive potential channel for readers of your social media marketing material.

The power of sharing content

What type of insights should agencies and recruiters post to position themselves as a specialist or a thought leader?

Establishing yourself as an expert in your domain can be vital to gain potential clients and candidates who will inherently trust you more, and a great way to kick-start this is sharing content across your network. It is important to remember this isn’t just for company channels but as individual recruiters as well. Thought leadership is a great way to achieve that cut-through, by sharing high-quality content such as industry body articles, tips to finding your next role, preparing for an interview or perhaps a topical industry relevant new article will help your audience understand you and your business. From the importance of wellbeing at work to flexible working options and inspiring business women, sharing interesting content is important to build your brand and show who you are. The though leader content can be shared on you blog as well as LinkedIn Pulse and your other social channels.

Create market guides that fit into your brand and beliefs

Creating market guides are an excellent way of sharing and promoting evergreen content about your recruitment firm. An example could be a whitepaper about flexible working and why should employers be open to change. People researching or interested in the topic will find out more about your agency and will potentially get in touch. Make sure that you include your advice and what you recommend as a business. What’s worst than someone telling you what to do and not doing it themselves?

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