Written by PHA Media PR • Published 03rd November 2016

Earlier this week was the Daily Mirror’s annual Pride of Britain awards, presenting those who are truly remarkable with recognition of their achievements. This year the awards were sponsored by TSB, and hosted by The Daily Mirror. These are both corporations which may otherwise seem disconnected from the difficult realities people face on a day to day basis. Through associating a company with a human cause, it is quickly evident that the company becomes humanised.

Paul Pester, CEO of TSB commented

“This partnership fits perfectly with TSB and what we’ve set out to do. It all stems back to local people helping local people. At TSB, we are trying to change an industry, being local banking back to Britain and make banking better for all UK consumers.”

Aside from the nationalist undertones, what Pester clarifies is that his bank, which to many represents bureaucracy, unnecessary hassle, and endless hours on hold, is at its heart a local service for local people, a face-to-face, centre of the village brand, that ultimately offers the same service as is offered by those winning the awards. By aligning his bank to this end, like the fire-fighters (and others) honoured at the POB awards, the bank becomes not only a point of service, but a service that goes the distance for its customers, because it’s customers are merely an extension of its community.

This comparison, though hardly a tight analogy, makes the brand much more accessible to their customer base. A base, who, especially in this case, will often overlap with the main audience of the ceremony taking place. By positioning your brand behind the human cause, and closely linking the two from an early stage, you are, in essence, running a successful and risk-free campaign not only in boosting the image and availability of the services you offer but in the ethos behind them.

As your company backpacks on the guaranteed success of an event with sparkling celebrity line-up,  confirmed high attendance and a public eye,  as well as a charitable outlook, regardless of discrepancies, your twitter handle, link-back rates, and SEOs will improve in correlation to the causes it supports.

In return to Pester’s comment, Peter Willis, Mirror Editor and Founder of the Pride of Britain Awards commented:

“TSB is a perfect fit because they champion everything Pride of Britain stands for and represents. We relish the opportunity of working with all the Partners at TSB on finding and recognising the true heroes in communities who make their world a better place. And make Britain great.” 

This inclusive response extends the values of Pride of Britain (and through this, the values of those who have been awarded a prize by fighting adversity) to TSB. Indeed, Carol Vorderman’s (host of Pride of Britain Awards) video says the same thing, boiling the relationship down to two institutions committed to helping local people.

Pride of Britain awards therefore not only support all those individuals who rework the barriers of that which is good, moral and true to solid British values, but enables the company behind it to advocate, inherit and display those same values too.