Written by Katy Campbell • Published 25th July 2012


British Airways employed a risky ad campaign whilst the Olympics are in London. As a play on their usual motto of “To Fly. To Serve.” they have adopted the new tagline of “Don’t Fly. Support Team GB”. The logic behind this is that the home team will do better because they have more support.

The airline has had a difficult six and a half years; involving ash clouds; Terminal five catastrophe and monetary losses. The new twelve-month campaign, encouraging Britons to stay at home, has been designed for longevity in order to create the most impact possible.

The television advertisement stands out from other official Olympic sponsors, such as P&G, because it doesn’t focus on the sporting element. Instead, it takes a different stance; a British Airways aircraft flying past major London landmarks and delivering passengers to the games. In doing this, it is impossible to describe the advert without mentioning the brand. They went one step further as the campaign went digital, allowing people to personalise the advertisement by flying the BA plane down their very own street. This is an innovative and personal touch that actively reaches out to potential customer’s on-a-one on one basis, gaining more brand awareness than is normally generated.


The campaign is unpretentious yet influential. A refreshing change from the usual generic, straight lace advertisements we are used to seeing, and probably ignoring. People who do want to get away during the games will have British Airways engrained in their minds, and people who want to leave after the games can look forward to cheap flights and deals that will be on offer. BA could stand to gain a lot of new passengers thanks to this clever campaign, simply by asserting their faith in Britain and therefore re-asserting Britain’s faith in them.

But what do you think? View the advert here.