Written by Katy Campbell • Published 06th December 2012

Guest blog by Charlie Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers


Charle Mullins, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers

After listening to the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday  I really do believe the Chancellor delivered a business-focused Autumn Statement that will improve the lives of individuals.
Like a business turned down for bank lending, George can only work with what he’s got. What he delivered was a statement that will encourage business and therefore help individuals.
Cutting Corporation Tax and introducing a ten-fold rise to plant and equipment tax relief shows demonstrates that Britain is a good place to do business. These measures will encourage businesses to expand and create jobs, which helps the wider economy and improve the lives of men and women across the country.
The Chancellor has been forced to rob Peter to pay Paul and the civil servants in Whitehall will have to work within the budgets their given – just like businesses have since Labour placed a stick of dynamite under the economy.
Historically in times of austerity pumping money into infrastructure creates jobs and boosts the economy. Improving schools and roads will boost the construction sector and have a positive trickle-down effect into other areas of the economy.
I welcome cancelling the 3p rise in fuel. It’s been a long time in coming that governments stop using fuel duty postponements as Budget sweeteners and instead set a longer-term strategy.
Fuel is a contentious issue for many businesses – we already spend £1million a year on fuel for our fleet and any rise in petrol prices hit our business hard as we have no alternative – you can’t expect a plumber to carry his tools on the Tube!