Written by Kirsty Miles • Published 16th January 2015


So what is it like to be a Creative Strategy intern at PHA? Possibly not what you might initially expect. The word ‘intern’ commonly brings to mind the thought of endless coffee runs, faffing around with filing all day and lingering wistfully in the shadow of the poor souls who have been lumbered with you, whilst they endeavour to seek out menial tasks that you might, just about, be able to handle.

Although this might well be the case in many places, it is quite contrary to my experience here at PHA. I couldn’t have been given a warmer welcome by the fabulous bunch of Creative Strategists, with whom I have had the pleasure of working for the last couple of weeks, and from day one I was really made to feel a part of the team.

I have been able to get stuck in to a number of exciting social media campaigns for a diverse range of brands, which has meant that each day has posed new and fun tasks to engage with.  The ever-nearing date of Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for creative campaigns and these have been particularly good fun to work on. Some of my ideas seem to have taken hold, which is great, and it has been really interesting to get an insight as to how a campaign comes together, stemming from a wild notion and developing into a reality.

The stimulating work that I have been doing has made this internship incredibly worthwhile and I was certainly not expecting to be involved in such a big way – not to mention the team social, which allowed us all to unleash our finest ’sabre skills at laser quest! A standard Friday night for the Creative Strategy team.

It’s safe to say I’ve had a bundle of laughs, as well as working hard, with a group of wonderful people.  I want to thank everyone at PHA for being so welcoming and the Creative Strategy team in particular, who have really made my time here a brilliant experience.

I’ll pack in a few more hours at Laser Tag before I return… you have been warned!