Written by Rebecca Bridge • Published 19th July 2013

With the impending arrival of the Royal Baby proving to be one of the most highly anticipated events in Britain since the actual Royal Wedding itself, tech-savvy royalists can now keep ‘app’ to date with all things Miss Middleton thanks to the creation of a ‘Royal Baby App’ – we kid you not…

Providing further evidence for the claim that there’s an app for everything, the Royal Baby App was launched on July 12th by Future Plc and promises to let you know the moment Kate’s waters break – in addition to providing you with the first photos of little Baby Windsor as soon as they’ve made their debut.

And the fun doesn’t stop once they’ve left the birthing suite… the app also promises to provide all sorts of fun and exciting pieces of information throughout his or her first year of life, so all you Kate keenos out there can watch all the big Royal Baby milestones with your very own eye (Phones).

And if you’re wondering how much this little treat of an app will set you back before you dash on over to the iTunes store, here’s the good news… it’s completely free!

But whilst you’ll have to rely on an app to keep you up to date with all things Royal Baby, the same can’t be said for our less blue-blooded friends, with reports this week that almost a third of mums will post their very first baby picture on social media within a mere four hours of giving birth.

The even more social media savvy don’t even wait for their offspring’s debut, with one in three mums opting to post updates throughout the labour process…

The survey also claims that a sneaky status update ranks only second to a phone call – beating even a simple text.

However, it’s hard to imagine Kate and Wills will be snap chatting away from the birthing suite, so all those caught up in Middleton mania will have to settle with the Royal Baby App to be kept up to date with the highly anticipated impending arrival… You can download it now here.