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The Internet is integral to maintaining a celebrity’s profile – but used without judgement and it can invite the wrong kind of attention!. We very much live in a digital age of engagement where the Internet has enabled entirely new forms of social interaction and networking. For celebrities, in particular, the social impact of certain websites is clear to see and in many cases, key to their success, their outreach, the magnitude of their fan-bases. Facebook can allow celebrities to stay in touch with a pre-existing community of thousands, My Space and YouTube offer emerging musical talent and breakthrough artists a platform to spotlight their sound and Twitter offers fans a unique level of immediacy and information about what their favourite luminary is up to.

In 2013, Sofia Coppola is set to release a film entitled The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson. It’s actually the second movie – further to the 2011 Life Time production of the same name – about one of the most compelling post-modern scandals in recent times, a scandal that is integrally linked to the celebrity dangers of revealing too much information on the Internet.

The Internet is integral to maintaining a celebrity’s profile

‘The Bling Ring’, occasionally referred to as the ‘The Burglar Bunch’, ‘The Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch’, and the ‘Hollywood Hills Burglars’, were a group of youngsters who notoriously burglarised the homes of a number of celebrities between 2008 through to August 2009. In total, they stole circa $3 million in cash, jewellery, artwork and designer labels from the likes of Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan. But it was poor old Paris Hilton who endured the brunt of their thieving ways, with her house burglarized on several different occasions.

Celebrity Twitter Profile

What is most fascinating about this particular case is how the thieves identified and honed in on their prey – they used the internet to execute the bulk of their reconnaissance! They took to Twitter in order to track when their targets were out of their respective properties and even used Google Earth to cleverly work their way into the celebrity mansions!

So – let this be an important lesson to the affluent A-List! By all means, use the internet to engage with your fans and maintain a pervasive digital presence. It keeps your name out there and allows you to engage with a 21st century audience. But exercise caution when it comes to the depth of information you put out there! Drawing focus to your home address, spotlighting when you’re away from your property, brazenly uploading pics of your brand new Louis Vuitton tote bag…all not a very good idea! There’s certainly a great risk involved when you make yourself too available and too accessible on the world wide web. The tools can be used against you!

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