Written by Hayley Coleby • Published 14th June 2013

At the end of May, Facebook launched verified accounts. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, verified Facebook pages display a small blue tick beside their owner’s name. The check mark also appears beside their name in search results, ultimately making it easier to search for real celebrities!

Unfortunately for us at PHA Digital, verified statuses are not open to everyone on Facebook. As it stands, they are only available to public figures with large audiences, such as celebrities, government officials, popular brands, some bloggers and journalists.

Here’s one of our favourites >>

The Big Blue Digital Tick


Facebook has argued that the main reason for the new verification process is to be able to shut down malicious pages, accounts and applications that attempt to deceive and exploit but critiques are worried…

Will Facebook only be able to focus on accounts with an extremely high number of subscribers, i.e. celebrities as opposed to normal regular people?

And let’s not forget the obvious! Are Facebook simply trying to keep up with its sister platform, Twitter?

What do you think of the Facebook verified accounts – we’d love to hear from you!