Written by Joe Stratton • Published 11th February 2014

Seven years have passed since the moment Apple changed our relationship with mobile technologies. Since 2007 we have become accustomed to the smartphone, having information fed to us instantaneously through an ever evolving and developing stream of apps. So much so that we feel lost and distanced from the world when there is no 3G connection or Wi-Fi available.

Google glass technology future

Image courtesy of Karlis Damnbrans, flickr.com


Along with the introduction of the smartphone, tablets have also become a ‘must have’ item, with it being announced that Apple have sold 170 million iPads at the end of 2013, helping the technology giant break a quarterly revenue record after releasing the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air.

But what’s next? It goes without saying that Apple will continue to churn out new models of the iPhone and iPad on a yearly basis, along with their living room appliance, Apple TV.  However, it has been predicted that 2014 will dawn a new age for our relationship with information technology. Wearable video devices have been in development for a number of years now, and it comes as no surprise to hear that they will be readily available for consumers in the coming month. They have already begun to infiltrate our homes in a sense, with 3D glasses, however, they are not yet interactive and only serve a sole purpose. Google have already set the bar in the wearable technology market with Google Glass, however, the market has still not opened up and it is still in its very early stages with only a few lucky ‘explorers; being selected to test the product.

Samsung have already entered the Smartwatch race, with the Samsung Galaxy Gear hitting the market in recent weeks. It is only a matter of time until Apple enters the race with it being predicted that a Smartwatch is their next biggest announcement.


Experts are predicting that 10 million ‘wearable technology’ devices will be sold in 2014, with sales predicted to rise 10 times by the end of 2016. The mystery surrounding what’s to come only fuels the excitement, with technology enthusiasts imagination going wild at the thought of the endless possibilities that these new devices will be able to provide.

The 2014 technology race is well and truly on.