Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 3rd April 2013 • 1 minute read

Social media has changed the landscape of looking for a job – it is now no longer about looking for a job, social media allows a job to look for you.

Since 2008, LinkedIn has become integral for business executives and due to the increasing importance of your digital footprint… others such as Facebook and Twitter are in close pursuit. It is possible for a whole recruitment process to be done and dusted online and many recruiters are now forgoing traditional methods of sourcing candidates. In addition, Research shows that over 90 percent of hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn profile, so it is increasingly important that you have a near perfect profile. Twitter is also a great resource for both candidates and employers; due to its real-time nature it is vital for freelance/last-minute vacancies and ‘spreading the word’.

Your LinkedIn profile should be an extension of your CV, including a professional profile picture and all the extra information that won’t fit on your CV. Although securing recommendations and endorsements are important, the keywords you select to include in your profile are critical. If you have created a great profile and used the right SEO keywords you will rank higher on general Internet searches (the easiest way to determine which keywords get the largest number of hits is by using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool – focusing on skill words with numbers in the midrange). Also look at how others in your industry are marketing themselves, especially the words they are using to highlight their skill-set. Your profile photo is also an immensely important feature, make sure you are dressed as though you are going to a job interview and that your personality shows through your smile. Be proactive… constantly make connections and upload/comment on key industry articles.

Social media channels are a fantastic way to shout about your presence, showcase your talents, show the world what you look like, and share your thoughts. But make sure you are always monitoring your digital footprint. If your Twitter profile (or any alternative Social Profile) is easily found ensure that you are happy for your tweets to be seen by a potential employer – candidates may be rejected because of the content on their personal pages.

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