Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 22nd February 2012

Here at PHA Digital, we spent last week taking part in London’s Social Media Week. Just in case you missed out on attending, here is a rundown of all you need to know about Social Media Week so you can decide for yourself whether to attend in 2013.

Social Media Week is a global multi-city conference, offering a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries. Annually, Social Media Week attracts more than 60,000 attendees across thousands of individually organised events, with half a million connecting to the conference online and through mobile. This year, London hosted events in over 50 venues.

Why attend?

For tech bods like us, Social Media Week is a truly fantastic phenomenon to further our knowledge in the digital sphere, chat with social media experts, and of course network with other digital professionals.

What did PHA Digital find useful?

  • Listening to other digital opinions – if you work in social media, one hot topic at the moment is will Google + ever be as successful as Facebook in terms of helping create brand awareness? There was a mixed opinion amongst the SMW attendees but an interesting debate nonetheless.
  • Upcoming social platforms – have you heard of Storify yet? It’s a form of social storytelling and we enjoyed hearing about its functions during one of the events.
  • Live streaming – it was impossible to attend all of the events during the week, but Social Media Week made it a lot easier for us by using live streaming – social media to promote social media!

Judging by the number of attendees this week, Social Media is at it’s greatest in London. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would love to hear about some of your experiences.