Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 18th August 2011 • 1 minute read

If social media makes every man a broadcaster, then YouTube makes every man (or animal) a film star, with the potential for worldwide fame.

With homemade virals rocking up millions of views, businesses have not delayed in producing their own branded videos. A recent survey has revealed that the equivalent of 35 hours per minute of footage is uploaded to YouTube every single day. In this noisy landscape, it is difficult to be seen and heard.

Home videos of dancing cats, or teenagers taking hairbrush singing to new heights, naturally lend themselves to tens of millions of views. Indeed many of the most famous virals fall into this category.

To me, this makes the success of famous branded virals even more impressive. However cleverly veiled, these videos are still essentially adverts – that millions of people have chosen to watch.

The debate over the best viral video campaign is endless. Friends have suggested some serious contenders – from the Evian baby, to Tippex’s Hunter Shoots a Bear and of course, the Old Spice guy. Personally, I like to champion the ‘Will It Blend?’ series.

All of these great virals have certain shared characteristics – humour being the most obvious. However for me, ‘Will it Blend?’ just pips the post for one key reason – the whole concept is designed around the product itself. Blending iPhones, iPads and Justin Beiber in a Blendtec blender is not only comic genius, it also showcases the quality of the product. When watching a ‘Will it blend?’ video (in the short breathing space between laughs) I found myself thinking ‘Blending an iPad? Well, it must be a pretty good blender’.

Frankly, if I ever have the need for a blender (and I have just remembered how much I like smoothies!) then I might just Google Blendtec.