Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 26th September 2011

Social media is a well-established partner of the high street. Brands like Topshop have a loyal and active digital audience. The fast pace of the online world is a natural ally for their ‘quick fashion fix’ ethos. Indeed, for online-only fashion website ASOS social media is essential – Facebook and Twitter are the equivalent of their flagship storefront.

High-end fashion has been somewhat slower on the uptake. The aspirational idea that everyone can have a slice of luxury has long been a tactic for expensive brands to consolidate their exclusivity. Think Coco Chanel with her pioneering Chanel No 5 perfume in the 1920s or recent designer-high street collaborations like Giles at New Look or Kate Moss for Topshop.

More recently though, there has been a surge in luxury brands jumping on the social media bandwagon. As always various fashion weeks paved the way – influential bloggers have been a fixture in the front row of designer shows for several years now.

In the wake of fashion week endorsements of social media, designer brands have been clamouring to out-do each other online. Fashion brand adverts are now two-a-penny on social media and users are exposed to dozens every time they log on. Successful campaigns are the holy grail for consumer brands as a way of demonstrating their creative prowess.

We talked about Burberry’s new social media campaign in a post earlier this week. The launch of Burberry Body perfume was as much of a spectacle as any catwalk show and generated far more headlines than most.


This is likely to be just the trigger for a whole wave of daring campaigns from luxury brands who have the budget to match the price tags of their products. PHA Digital will be waiting with bated breath to report on our next campaign crush.