Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 12th February 2013

It is no understatement to suggest that the Internet, and in particular social media, dominates our daily life. Not an hour can go by where we don’t check Facebook and Twitter to see how our friends are doing or to catch the latest status updates from people you barely know. Surprisingly, bearing in mind how much of our time we dedicate to social media, it seems that too many brands are failing to understand the potential that these sites offer their brand.

Of all the many hours internet users spend updating their Facebook profile, adding to their photo albums and such, only a very tiny 0.5% of that time is spent interacting with the brands they like. This is hardly surprising news. Back in the day, before Facebook became a walking advertising source, I used to ‘like’ the pages of our favourite films, books and sporting teams just to let others know my interests. Now, these pages are used by many brands to target their audience in a generic and uninteresting way. Users will liken these posts to spam and therefore overlook what the brand has to offer.

In short, social media campaigns need to be revamped and taken more seriously. There are several ways in which businesses can utilise social media to their gain. Firstly, they need to adopt a social mindset. Brands need to evaluate their target audience and judge what content will garner the best response. Interaction is key; the more your audience responds to your content, the greater their interest and the more likely your business will spread via word of mouth.

Social media campaigns could prove more lucrative nowadays than conventional and traditional campaigns. However, too little money, time and effort is put into these campaigns. Big input equals big results. The sooner businesses start to look up and see the potential of social media campaigns, the sooner they will begin to notice the difference in their supporter base and public awareness.