Written by • Published 10th January 2014

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Over the past few weeks, PRs, marketers, online digital experts and social media gurus have been shouting out their predictions for 2014 as if their lives depended on it.

Blogs, articles, press interviews, infographics, videos and podcasts have all been produced in a frenzy of activity that’s almost akin to the furore before the start of a Premier League season.

Rather than recount all these different opinions here in a single blog post, we thought we’d focus in on one prediction that we think is particularly likely to happen. Here it is:

“More and more brands are going to become like media outlets”

While to those working in social this may not seem like a particularly interesting, new, insightful or even brave prediction, we believe it’s the one claim you can confidently make about the future.

As a leading PR agency, it’s been fascinating for us to see the change in the industry over the past five years. We no longer simply pitch our clients into media outlets, we spend half of our time creating great content (i.e blogs, articles, videos etc,) helping them build their own audiences – just like the traditional media.

Indeed in some cases, our clients have bigger audiences than some traditional media outlets (check us out!)

In a recent blog post, Sarah Wood, COO of Unruly Media, discussed her predictions for 2014. In her post, she talked about the fact that more and more brands are becoming ‘newsrooms for their niche’ and there would be a greater “investment in content discovery, content curation and content creation”.

We agree with Sarah and think 2014 will be all about brands embracing social in a big way. This will not only be big brands, but all brands big and small.

Of course, with such a high volume of content, the big question is how can brands cut through the noise – a much bigger question that we will explore in future posts.