Written by Kirsty Miles • Published 8th January 2015 • 2 minute read


Image Courtesy of Maurizio Pesce, flickr.com

Image Courtesy of Maurizio Pesce, flickr.com

Some people were born tech-savvy – others, not so much. It amazes me how my mum still struggles with the concept of a touch screen and seems incapable of sending a text message in under five minutes, yet my granddad, who has known the Internet for less than a quarter of his life, is remarkably competent on his shiny new tablet.

Whatever your age or ability, it is impossible to escape the wonders and woes of new, groovy gadgets, which are popping up here, there and everywhere. One of the cruelties of modern day society dictates that if you don’t have the latest smartphone, tablet, TV, toothbrush or kettle, you’re lagging behind.

It doesn’t stop there, as the latest array of goodies has recently been unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), all of which must, naturally, be added to your shopping lists of the future.

The New Year can notoriously be a gloomy time of post-Christmas dieting, and the trauma of cutting out the Quality Streets can take its toll on us all. However, don’t be looking too glum, as this might well become an ordeal of the past with the helping hand of a number of nifty new gadgets.

Queue Belty, a belt that has the power of expanding and contracting throughout the day, in order to accommodate the after-dinner bulge and to monitor your waistline’s every move. The app that goes alongside this bit of kit, charts all of this invaluable data and undoubtedly will not hesitate in letting you know when it’s time to put the lid back on the biscuit tin or to invest in a hula hoop. Although still only a prototype, Emiota’s unisex design has the potential of making this product an accessible accessory for all – if it weren’t for the inevitably high price point that will accompany such a luxury.

If a brainy belt doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps Healbe’s GoBe Calorie Counter might tempt you. This fancy wristband could blow the Fitbit of yesteryear out of the ballpark with its apparent ability to automatically count your calorie intake, down to the very last crumb. As is the case with many new inventions, this particular number is steeped in a certain amount of scepticism, and the reliability of the science behind it is a matter for debate. It would appear that the health-promoting gadget must be taken with a fairly generous pinch of salt.

The New Year has brought with it a flurry of exciting new ideas coming into the public arena and it is preordained that our homes will play host to an ever-growing assortment of high-tech triumphs. Whether the Belty or GoBe Calorie Counter will really catch on is open to question, but there are certain items that have a good chance of making it in the months ahead – will the Oculus Rift be the ultimate game-changer of 2015 or will JIBO, the ‘world’s first family robot’, steal the show? We’d better take our seats.