Written by Katia Ponnampalam • Published 09th March 2015

We’ve all seen it, the Money Supermarket television advert with “Dave’s” #EpicStrut down the street to Pussycat Dolls anthem (yes, anthem) Don’t Cha, twerks in front of an old lady and has a little run in with Sharon Osborne. All whilst wearing an extremely high pair of stilettos and an extremely tight (and short!) pair of shorts. Yes, you know the one; the price comparison website’s latest television campaign has definitely caught the public’s attention, and last week they set out to catch the media’s attention too. Dave, also known as Michael Van Schoick, a twenty-eight year old American actor, hit London’s magazine houses last week to give them a mini-catwalk and an, ahem, eyeful. Of course the likes of Heat Magazine and Grazia took to social media, posting videos and pictures of Dave’s visits with hashtags such as #EpicStrut and #EpicDave. With hundreds of retweets across the board, it’s a fantastic example of raising brand awareness and the power of social media.

Epic strut The PHA Group

‘Image courtesy by Emilien ETIENNE on Flickr’

Social media is an excellent way to broaden any companies target audience. Grazia magazine wouldn’t be the first publication to come to mind when thinking of price comparison websites, but that is no longer the case with Money Supermarket. As an avid woman’s magazine reader, my Twitter feed has been full of publications such as heat and OK! Magazine tweeting about the stunt. So next time I see the advert on TV, I’ll definitely think of the time when he strutted through the Grazia office.

So what exactly is it about Dave that made the campaign go viral? The advert is funny, different and entertaining – none of which would be words used to describe any price comparison website. Often, these companies create characters in order to engage with their customers, and it works. These characters are not created to sell a product, they are there to strengthen brand identity and often compensate for less interesting products. There was definitely something about Dave and his scantily-clad self that created a buzz across the media, which led to him being interviewed by Grazia magazine – not what you’d expect for the star of a price comparison website advert.

Consequently, Money Supermarket have hit the nail on the head in terms of customer interaction when it comes to their latest campaign; by drawing the attention away from the, lets face it, slightly boring prospect of comparing insurance quotes, and actually getting people talking about their brand and visiting their website; even if it is only to see Dave strut his stuff again (which who wouldn’t?!).