Written by Joe Toal • Published 12th July 2013

Back Of The Net! Man Utd Launch On Twitter

Alex Ferguson has barely exited the Old Trafford doors and change is already abound at Manchester United…

On Wednesday morning, the club launched their official Twitter profile to amazing success. By lunchtime, the Red Devils had close to 200k followers despite tweeting just 5 times. Their debut tweet simply read: “New era. Same spirit. The season starts here. Let’s do this.” They’ve already been getting to grips with social media, creating several Vine videos covering the team’s pre-season tour of Asia.

For a club as big as Man United, it’s astonishing that they’ve taken so long to join the social network; Arsenal top the Premier League Twitter table with 2.5m followers, closely followed by Chelsea and their 2.3m followers, so the champions have a bit of catching up to do. But if today’s surge in followers is anything to go by, it shouldn’t be long before they lead the way in social network.

Alex Ferguson was a vocal critic of Twitter whilst United manager, brandishing it a “waste of time” so perhaps his infamous hairdryer could be felt as far away at Old Trafford as the Social Media desk, for they’ve obviously decided to wait for the Scot to retire before launching on the social network

As is the case on the pitch, Man Utd will have to play catch-up with Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, with both clubs having 8.5m and 9m respectively. United, of course, have a massive following on Facebook. Their 33m fans make them the 3rd most popular sporting brand in the world behind, you guessed it, Madrid and Barcelona. They do however trump the likes of the LA Lakers (16m fans), the New York Yankees (7m) and hated rivals Liverpool (12m), who surprisingly are the 6th most popular sports brand in the world on Facebook.