Written by • Published 28th July 2017 • 3 minute read

By Elisha Wilson, Creative Strategy Intern

Instagram is a huge social media platform (100 million daily active users) – and it’s great in that it enables anyone, with any niche, to have their own space on the Internet.

From Doug the Pug with 2.7 million followers, to Hamilton the cat with 744k followers… We’ve put together some useful tips on how you too, can make your pet #InstaFamous

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Todays to do list: be a couch potato.

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1. You must be committed.
Before endeavouring on the journey to pet stardom it is important to consider that it is going to be an investment of your time. The biggest pet stars on Instagram post regularly (sometimes 2/3 times a day) and are constantly engaging with their followers. The more active your account is, the more likely it is that you will attract attention…

2. People LOVE good quality pictures.
Although smartphones have a great camera, there’s nothing quite like the quality of a DSLR. If you really want your pet to be #Instafamous, then you will probably need to invest in a good camera. To add to this, using a good editing app (VSCO/Photoshop) will enable your pictures to be even more special.

Romantic Kong

3. Follow similar accounts.
To build yourself a base, it’s a good idea to follow animal influencers and other accounts like your own. This allows you to gauge the competition, get some ideas of what to post and see what’s popular! To add to this, we’ve found that most animal accounts will follow back

4. Be creative.  

People love accounts which show off the pet’s personality. If you post your pet in the same pose, every day, people will just get bored and unfollow. Shoot them in different locations and position them in different angles. Also, having creative captions is another way to make your account stand-out from the crowd.

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"‪Save water, shower with a pug‬" -Doug

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5. Make ‘Furiends’ and stay engaged with followers.
Yes, that’s a thing. There are millions of other Instagram users posing as their pet – so why not make friends? Follow, like and comment on accounts similar to yours. It’s a great way to build a fanbase and almost guarantees some likes and comments on your page. A win-win!

6. Use #Hashtags.
An easy way to reach people from all over the world. Simple hashtags like #dog & #instapet will allow your picture to be seen by people who don’t follow you already.

The hooman left me for 4 days… How rude! Now she is expecting me to participate in a photoshoot

7. Try and stick to a theme.
Many #Instafamous accounts which we’ve come across generally have a good-looking feed because they’ve stuck to a ‘theme’. For example, @theobonaparte is a cream French Bulldog, who has over 219k followers. His feed is very aesthetically pleasing as his owner takes pictures with backgrounds that are neutral and flattering to his colouring.


8. Enter Competitions! (or hold Giveaways)
There are ALWAYS competitions in the #Petstagram world. Whether it’s a competition to win a load of toys or a model search. Enter as many as you can, because if you win, it will be GREAT exposure for your account. Even better, when you start to have a following, you can hold giveaways yourself. This type of engagement is a great way to gain followers.

9. Always tag companies.
Don’t forget to do this!! If you buy your pet something new (collar/lead/bandana/food) always tag the company. This potentially means that you’ll get a repost, which means more exposure for your account.

10. Have fun!!!
This is one of the most important tips. If your account is fun, engaging and the captions are light-hearted, then people will definitely want to follow you!

…If you have consistent content, make time to engage with your followers and have a bit of fun, then you’ll have no problem turning your pet into a social media star! ?