Written by • Published 15th December 2014

Iphone 6 Review PR

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So it’s been a couple of months now and the ‘iPhone 6’ is well integrated into our lives. People have been adopting it quite well. In fact, iPhone 6 sales have driven Apple’s share price to its highest level ever. Some people who have upgraded didn’t see the point, and said there isn’t enough difference between this and their previous iPhone.

Well, this phone is the ‘Best iPhone Ever’ as almost everything has had an upgrade, both internally and externally.I think when a new iPhone comes out there is a lot of expectation and hype and people often feel underwhelmed. The fact is this is not a new product, it’s not like they have re-invented the phone, they have simply improved on a previous version. When it came out I asked people who were disappointed ‘why?’.

More often than not it is because people were expecting something that changed the world and that the new iPhone would have machine guns, SLR Camera, be made from a single piece of smart glass and other impossible things. Apple have always been innovators and changed consumer technology, but the most significant announcements have been when they introduce new products.

Who can forget when the first iPod came out or new iPhone? These were significant events, but once a new product is introduced they can only update what they have already done. Apple cant reinvent the wheel every time they bring something out, they can only bring out a better version of what they have already done. Also, there is enough information on the Internet that most people know what the new phone was going to be like and what features it would have even before it came out. So people who were disappointed with the phone really only have their own inflated expectations to blame.

But what is it like to live with? When one gets a new phone there is a honeymoon period. You are in awe of it and it’s slight differences. Everything seems better, quicker and bigger. This is to me the main thing I have noticed, the bigger screen. But as time goes on you start to learn more about the phone and get a better feel for how it will fit into your life and what features you like and what you don’t.


iPhone Screen

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Having a bigger screen means a number of things, but perhaps the most significant is what goes on behind the scenes. With a bigger screen, you can fit a better battery, faster processing chip, better camera, increased storage capacity and so on. It also means this iPhone can be the thinnest ever as they have more room to store components in the body. The new iPhone is ‘The Best Ever’ simply because it has the best internal components an iPhone has ever had. This can be said about every iPhone when they come out, as they will inevitably have better components, that’s how technology works. Still, I feel there are very noticeable differences between this phone and anyone that has come before.

4G is the new big thing in the mobile world. Revolutionizing what we can do on our phone. Streaming live tv, watching videos on Facebook & YouTube is now much slicker and there is much less ‘buffer face’. Also the general loading time for anything using data speeds up and 3G feels slow. So when you aren’t in the centre of London you start to understand what it must have been like in the dark ages as you wait slightly longer for your information to appear. Although this is not a unique feature of the iPhone 6, it is one that is a game changer and something that will shape the next few years of telecommunications.

So the bigger screen. This is something that has split opinions over the past few months, even before the phone came out. I must say I love it. The bigger screen is such a pleasant experience. From the mundanity of looking through your music, up to watching movies on the bus. I know Android phones have been doing this for a while and Apple is a bit late to the party, but I’m glad they showed up. Everything you do is better, it just improves the overall experience of using your phone. I don’t think everyone will like it. If you just use your phone for Twitter, Facebook etc you won’t feel the need to get this phone. But if you use your phone more advanced then the big screen is what you need!

The screen is something we could dwell on but there are some other great new features of the phone. One is the memory. The standard memory has doubled for 8gb – 16gb. I personally went for the mid-range model 64gb. This has been great. I have filled it up with big apps, movies, tv shows, photos, music and anything really and haven’t got to capacity. This might not seem all that important, but having enough room to carry around more than I need is very useful. It means I can have loads of music to choose from, different games to suit my mood and a selection of things to watch on long train journeys. Having this flexibility means there is no more downtime, you will always have something to keep you entertained when you need it.

Apps have always been at the core of what makes the iPhones great. The selection and quality of apps has always been amazing, but now we are entering a new phase. With the increased power of the iPhone 6 and the introduction of ‘Metal’, the possibility of what an app can do is changing at a great rate. ‘Metal’ has allowed games to become far more advanced without crashing your iPhone. Apps such as ‘Zen Garden’ and ‘Vein Glory’ are the pin-ups of this new technology. The quality of graphics is going up at a rate of knots.

This has also meant that older games are getting significant graphics updates, so going back and playing older games like ‘Oceanhorn’ has meant a new experience, one people are really enjoying. This is something that will continue to evolve over the coming years and in 2015 expect to see some big releases. One of the reasons this has happened is because the mobile gaming market is exploding and companies are realizing how lucrative it is.

You are even seeing adverts for apps on mainstream television, which shows how much this market is evolving. Some are keeping up, and some are getting left behind. Nintendo is losing its share year on year. Unless it allows its games on mobile devices it will be lost to the history books. Others such as Rockstar Games are re-releasing console games now that they can be run on iPhones. This means that over the coming years more console games will be re-released and the standard of game will go up as people realize people want a better gaming experience on the iPhone. So whether you play Candy Crush or Oceanhorn big things are coming.

Iphone 6 camera review PR

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Physically there have been a couple of changes I have had to learn to love. One is the protruding camera. Until I got a case on my phone this was a mild annoyance at best. I really wasn’t that bothered by it. It was more of a fun game people would play with my phone when they got their hands on it. I think it was a small flaw that jealous people could latch onto. Another was the relocation of the lock button. The reason for its relocation is ease of use. Honestly, most people wouldn’t be able to reach it if it was still on the top of the phone, and while it catches you out early on, its not long before you are locking your phone without thinking about it. Basically, neither of these changes are really that noticeable in day to day life.

A number of features have passed me by, Healthbook being the main culprit. I do see that it will be useful one day I think Apple have jumped the gun here. With a complicated interface and reliance on 3rd party apps, Healthbook is not something people use. When the Apple watch arrives and more apps become compatible it will come into its own, but until then this technology is redundant and not something I ever use. When I first got my iPhone, I set it all up and all I managed to get it to tell me is the number of steps and how many flights of stairs I climb. Who cares, is all I have to say about that. I think one day this will be a core apple app, but the adoption time will be long.

Overall I love the new iPhone 6. It feels like a significant upgrade to my iPhone 5 in every way. Bigger and better is the best way to describe it. It doesn’t feel big in my pocket, it hasn’t bent and it really is just better in every way. I’m sure everyone has their own pluses and minuses on this phone but I haven’t heard anyone not like it overall.