Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 1st August 2012 • 1 minute read

The Olympics. Whether you’re already standing at the ready with the GB flag painted on your face, or if you’re hunched over Twitter bemoaning the inevitable transport hell soon to befall London. The fact is that you won’t have been able to avoid the persistent mentioning of the 2012 games this Summer – the topic currently on everyone’s lips.

However I am going to turn this on its head for you as this week I have come across the Digilympics, ‘a Twitter-powered race for sporting success where you determine the outcome’.

Using four lego athletes and a miniature racetrack, some bright spark has created a miniature circuit event where the four lego men – each representing an Olympic team – fight it out to reach the winning line. How does this work? Each athlete is linked to their own team Twitter account and a very clever piece of technology has been created that scans Twitter for mentions of a certain hashtag (Each lego man has their own personal hashtag associated to them), with each mention of their hashtag, the miniature men move further forwards towards the finish line to compete for Gold!

Each time a lego man reaches the finish line the game resets and the victor is recorded – at the end of each week a winning team is announced. And at the end of the two week Digilympics run, an overall winner will be announced as the champion. Just like the real thing…

So are you Team GB, US, Canada or Japan? Now is your chance to take control, unlike the real thing, the Digilympics is in your hands.

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Cover image: Moreno Berti, flickr.com