Written by Jade Wright • Published 08th November 2013

When planning a social media strategy, the questions most businesses and social media newcomers ask themselves is, what content should we be posting? And, how do you find enough fresh material to post on your social media sites every single day?

When instead they should be asking: What does my audience want to read?

In order to grow your online presence, it is imperative to understand what makes your audience ‘tick’ i.e. what inspires them and motivates them to hit ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘retweet’. This information can be found by researching the sector ie. Reading forums, blogs and general comments about a particular product or service to try and gauge what people think and what it is that they love to share. Alternatively, you could start off with some basic market research by running a poll, which will list a variety of topics. For example:

Which is the most beneficial for marathon training?

  1. Running
  2. Hybrid training
  3. Resistance
  4. Yoga and relaxation – it’s mind over matter

A poll is a quick and easy method for people to respond to, and once you establish the results you can then post content relevant to your audience.

The main thing you need to do is portray yourself as the authority on that particular subject to ensure that people keep coming back to your page for expert advice. A great way to do this is to provide tips and advice relevant to your industry. Once you become a credible and trusted source of information and prompt more and more people to return to your page.

Your social community will not happen overnight. To get people on board with your brand takes time and effort – this will not happen overnight.

The posts you put out on the page should be interesting and compelling to the reader; think fewer sales and bargains, more shareable funny content.

Here’s an example of a post that inspires our client’s audience – the business specialises in mud obstacles.

Here are four key points to think about when creating your posts:

Social media is about people, content, use of images, conversations and relationships.

For each update you post on the page, your goal should be to inspire and motivate audiences to help them achieve their goals, which will then help you to achieve yours.