Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 30th April 2012

Something that we’re currently obsessed with in the digital department is the new must-have app, Draw Something.

Essentially Pictionary for the Facebook generation, Draw Something sees players challenge their friends to guess an image they have drawn on their mobile. As the image is drawn the guesser is given 12 scrambled letters that once unscrambled reveal the hidden word that is being drawn. The two players alternate roles in turn.

It appears that we are not the only ones addicted to this app, as of March 2012 it was reported that Draw Something was the most played game on Facebook and by the beginning of April, the Draw Something team had secured over 50 million downloads, with 6 billion drawings having been shared with friends!

Despite the digital team still being in the honeymoon stage with the app, it hasn’t escaped my notice that a few grumbles about Draw Something fatigue have popped up across the net over the past few weeks. Most common gripes being recycled words, lost pieces of artwork and not having the correct mobile to download the app (Draw Something is currently only available on iOS or Apple platforms).

Quick to jump on these grievances, OMGPOP, the app’s makers have now released a newer version of the app, which boasts improved features such as the ability to upload photos to Facebook and Twitter – a great way to drive awareness of the app and increase its userbase. Photo libraries, so that users can refer back to their masterpieces, and comment functionality, so that players can use the app to socialise and further engage with content.

With so much hype surrounding the Draw Something at the moment it was only going to be a matter of time before some clever clogs came up with a new use of the app, and that clever clogs was Dutch agency Muse, who have recruited the app to aid them in their recruitment process – you can view a video of the campaign here:

A fantastic campaign by Muse, fun, inventive and topical, a great way of tapping into an applicant’s imaginative side for a creative role– not to mention an ingenious way for Muse to secure a few extra column inches for itself online!

Next time you get a spare minute, be sure to browse some of the best Draw Something images on the Art of Draw Something website.


Cover image courtesy of: Larry Jacobsen, flickr.com