Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 11th November 2011

Rihanna has given her fans the chance to unlock her exclusive songs for her new album ‘Talk that talk’. Fans can unlock details of the album via an interactive Facebook app.

Rihanna’s huge social presence is one of the reasons UNLOCKED has been such a success in the first place. Rihanna had the most fans of any celebrity on Facebook and is a key influencer on Twitter as well. UNLOCKED requires a certain amount of built-in loyalty and a threshold of participation to work. A small mom-and-pop indie band might have a harder time mobilising fans but Rihanna has a small armada of existing fans called the “Rihanna Navy” – they are so actively loyal that #rihannanavy is a regular trending topic on Twitter.

Social media is of course all about people talking and this campaign is designed with this in mind. Rihanna UNLOCKED gives her existing fans the feeling of being rewarded for their loyalty as well as being the kind of campaign that is loud enough to attract new fans to the RiRi Navy. People want to be the first to see, hear and share the music which is an invaluable promotion for Rihanna’s brand. Considering also that Rihanna is currently touring, this is a clever way to keep her fans engaged in the meantime.

So far fans have unlocked the album cover, the ‘We found love’ single and the making of the video and lyrics.

The Rihanna Navy – who are all desperate for exclusive information – are the perfect mouthpiece for promoting UNLOCKED. Overall, it is a very successful partnership where both parties stand to gain!


Cover image courtesy of flickr.com/photos/urbanislandz