Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 12th September 2011 • 1 minute read

It’s fair to say that the Digital and Tech industries have been booming for several years, with new start-ups creating high-tech solutions to everyday problems from finding a parking space to borrowing money. So the recent announcement that we’re facing a future without Jobs has thrown the industry into a spin cycle.

Of course, when I say Jobs I mean Steve Jobs – the figurehead, forward thinker and society disruptor that has set the tone for the digital industry worldwide and challenged the computing industry to re-invent itself.

One of the co-founders of Apple, Jobs has seen the company through some pivotal moments. It’s thanks to the Jobs era that the online world will now forever be divided into two camps, each proclaiming their distinctive war cry of either ‘I’m an Apple’ or ‘I’m a PC’. It’s also thanks to Jobs that the tech industry now insists on adding an ‘i’ before the name of their new trendy personal products.

But laying aside the frustrating cultural memes that Jobs’ legacy will leave us with, there’s also no denying that Steve Jobs’ truly visionary perspective has altered the digital world forever.

I love digital. I’m among the cultish camp of people that will tell you; we’re currently living through a digital revolution that is likely to rival the industrial revolution in terms of its impact and effect. Whether you believe this or not, there’s no doubt that digital technology has the power to disrupt and affect every single industry out there, from television and music to accounting and banking.

Steve Jobs was a truly iconic figure who pushed the boundaries of what we could expect from our personal computers, changed our relationship with music forever, and opened up the marketplace for new developers with the app store. Where Jobs lead, the rest of the industry have so far only ever been able to follow. Long may his memory live on, and may the cyber world send us many more of his kind.


Cover image courtesy of evan tsai, flickr.com