Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 11th January 2012

It’s now 2012, and what a year 2011 was. Especially within the digital PR world…

We saw more flash mobs than Fame, welcomed 1000s of start-ups and witnessed the sad loss of the creative genius that was Steve Jobs.

With so much drama the PHA Digital blog couldn’t possibly omit a round-up of the biggest and best social media developments of the year!

So here you have it, the top five digital changes of 2011:

1. Google+ 

The long-awaited launch of Google’s rival social network was bound to cause a stir, but no one could predict the extent of this. When it first launched Google+ seemed to solve all the problems that Facebook had started. Better business pages, more privacy and an easier way to organise our friend lists. But five months on, you never really hear anything exciting about Google+. Maybe 2012 will be its year…

2. Spotify & Facebook

Digital giants Spotify and Facebook teamed up to create a musical experience for all their users which would be hard to challenge.

3. iPhone 4s

What many people believed to be the iPhone 5 was actually released as the iPhone 4s. This caused a stir worldwide with millions camping overnight to be the first to own one. What was different about this iPhone is the revolutionary technology which came in the form of ‘Siri’. As if it has come straight from Minority Report, ‘Siri’ understands and speaks to you.

4. Facebook Timeline

Facebook’s new timeline has caused quite a stir online. With many people reacting negatively to the new layout, it could be a risky move, especially with Google+ now in business. However, there has been no trace of inactivity so far. And in my opinion, users will learn to love it as they have done with all Facebook’s previous changes.

5. New Twitter 

Well, with the introduction of Google+ and Facebook’s new timeline, Twitter had to do something to maintain its social standing. And they did this in the form of very subtle changes. This is what sets Twitter apart from other social networks; they don’t need to make headline-stealing changes to their social network – they already have a solid USP.

It goes without saying that these changes will transform the way we use and interact with technology in the future, and indeed influence any new changes we’ll encounter in 2012.

The speed in which these technologies are developing is phenomenal as are the possibilities they open to us. I wonder what 2012 will bring…

Happy New Year!