Written by Emma Vetriano • Published 12th August 2011 • 1 minute read

Musicians and bands have often led the way in terms of using social media creatively to raise their profile. The Arctic Monkeys are possibly the biggest success story, as the then unknown band from Sheffield were catapulted to stardom thanks to their MySpace following.

But this month I’ve seen another great campaign, this time from an established band in The Kaiser Chiefs, who have given their fans the opportunity to be creative with the release of their new album; The Future Is Medieval.

Fans can choose ten tracks from a possible 20 and then decide on the LP’s running order. But that’s just for starters, as they can also design their own artwork for the album cover. The album costs £7.50 on kaiserchiefs.com but fans are then able to share their creation on Facebook and receive £1 for each further copy of their custom designed album that is sold.

The concept is brilliant because it gives fans of the indie band from Leeds both involvement and incentive. In days gone by bands have produced limited edition artwork, but to my knowledge, this is the first album which could potentially have thousands of unique covers. And who’s to say that certain designs won’t become highly sought after? Imagine a Banksy designed album cover.

And for any budding artists looking to make their name, the opportunity to not only make a profit for their work but make a foray into the music industry is pretty special indeed.

Kaiser Chiefs Frontman Ricky Wilson said: “Is it the future of music? We can’t tell you that. If people want to compare it to Radiohead, that’s their business. But we hope it might be a catalyst for other people to try similar things. Mix it up a bit.”

Cover ‘Image courtesy of Mark Kent on Flickr’