Written by Tom Clarke • Published 27th November 2018 • 3 minute read

We all know that regular exercise is good for our health and our minds too. But sometimes slogging it out on an exercise bike or treadmill is about as appealing as watching paint dry. When we can’t measure our progress, that can make us feel even more uninspired to keep up the hard work.

That’s where these handy gadgets can come in and provide a little boost of motivation to make sure you get the most out of your workouts. So, without further ado here are our top fitness wearables, gadgets and equipment you should be on the lookout for this Cyber Monday.

Voltaic Solar

You never have to worry about running out of phone battery, your laptop dying or your kindle switching off. Introducing Voltaic Solar. The Voltaic Solar might look like any other stylish backpack but that’s where the comparisons stop. The revolutionary Voltaic Solar backpack incorporates solar technology into its slick design, allowing you to charge your gadgets on the go. Make sure you check out their latest blogs for insight into getting the most from the Voltaic Solar range. Their extreme heat series and emergency solar panel guide are just some of the revolutionary work their providing. Say goodbye to your ‘battery is low’ panic!


Let’s be honest, no one likes the thought of having to gulp down a lumpy protein shake after a tough session in the gym. The Promixx shaker could be the answer to all your problems. Using a bespoke vortex mixing technology the shaker effortlessly mixes your nutritional supplements all with a touch of a button, creating you the smoothest supplement mixes. Promixx aren’t just interested in selling shakers either, with a bank of articles and insights on their website dedicated to gym workouts, healthy eating and general wellbeing, Promixx are here to help you get the very most from your gym sessions and improve your health.


Bowflex Weights

The clever people at Bowflex weights have developed an all in one dumbbell which has the capacity of adjusting to 30 different free weight selections all from the one compact design. Simply turn the dial and select the weight amount you want to use; the unique locking mechanism will load the desired amount, and leave behind the weight you don’t need. Their accompanying app will help to monitor your form and track your progress all whilst providing you with pre-loaded workouts to follow to keep you motivated and driving forward.

Bragi Dash Wireless earphones

Introducing the most sophisticated wireless earphones currently on the market. These noise-cancelling earphones are not only sweatproof but also waterproof and have the ability to track your activities. So, whether its step counting, reaching a top speed or distance, these earphones have you covered. The most impressive feature of the Bragi Dash Wireless earphones is the integrated iTranslate software which allows users to translate over 100 languages, meaning that you’ll never have to rely on your charades ability when asking for directions on holiday again.

Tangram Smart Rope

Skip yourself to a healthier life with the Tangram Smart rope. Meet the LED embedded jump rope that displays your fitness workout data in mid-air whilst you work out. Every time you jump, the smart rope records it. Meaning your supplied with accurate data on calories burnt and jumps you’ve recorded. In its short time since release, the smart rope has won several awards for its sleek design including the internationally acclaimed Red Dot Design Award.


Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Plus

Foam rolling might be seen as more of a pre and post workout activity, but we felt that as the Pulseroll foam roller will increase blood flow, help to recover from injury faster and reduce next day soreness all from a rechargeable three-hour battery. It isn’t just full-time athletes who are endorsing the vibrating foam roller either with celebrities from this year’s Strictly Come Dancing giving it rave reviews too.


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