Written by Amy Steadman • Published 30th May 2012

Image Courtesy of Tuomas Sormunen, flickr.com

Image Courtesy of Tuomas Sormunen, flickr.com

What do you do when you’re thinking about where to go on holiday? You ‘google’ it! And thanks to a host of travel websites and blogs, you’re inundated with ideas and reviews.

Speaking from recent experience with luxury travel website Beach Tomato, I based my holiday around a review of a beach: https://www.beachtomato.com/31005/beach-of-the-week-porto-katsiki-lefkada/

I saw this post shortly after returning after my holiday last summer. Already thinking about my next holiday, I kept this beautiful beach in mind. Then when it came to booking my holiday I returned to the Beach Tomato website to find it – lo and behold I booked a trip to Lefkada Island. And Porto Katsiki was as if not more beautiful than described.



Beach Tomato has since become my go-to travel site. If it ain’t ‘Beach of the Week’ I ain’t going. This goes a long way to show the power of these kind of sites. For travel PRs they are a MUST!