Written by Katy Campbell • Published 25th September 2012

Getting on a plane is often one of the most exciting times of one’s year. Most of the time, you’re off on holiday, or even when it’s business, the weather is almost guaranteed to be better than the UK!

Before you actually get to take off, however, you need to check-in and sort out how you’re going to get there -your seat. For the majority of airlines, this isn’t an issue. Apart from EasyJet. The no-frills airline has always insisted on a first-come-first-served basis, which can have families or couples so worried that they won’t get to sit together that they arrive at the airport hours in advance to make sure they are allowed the luxury of sitting in the vicinity of a loved one. This is now to change.

The airline, after running a BOSS trial (bums on selected seats) and surveying 800,000 customers will implement allocated seating, putting an end to the worries of flying solo.

Extra leg room and seats will still cost an additional fee but at least now those after a cheap flight can travel do so with their party. This is a great step for EasyJet and all those after a discounted breakaway, and could, in time, change the perception that these airlines are a lower standard of air travel. Remember, they all do fly at the same altitude…