Written by Patrick McCrae • Published 24th June 2020 • 2 minute read

What does PRIDE mean to you personally?

Pride is a really incredible time of year, there are parties and festivals all over the world a truly happy time for communities both LGBTQ+ and allies to come together and shout from the rooftops about our wonderful community.  However, it is also a vital few weeks of the year as we also take time to raise funds for queer and ally charities, shine a strong light on inequalities and remind the world that equality is still not achieved.

Why is PRIDE significant to ARTIQ as a business?

Pride has always felt integral to our year. It’s a time that reminds us to support our LGBTQ+ community and artists. It’s also a lot of fun for the team to take time out volunteer with charities and initiatives that we support.  Several of our employees and artists identify as LGBTQ+, so naturally this is a pivotal month in the calendar.

Is diversity central to your business? Why?

Elitism and privilege are prevalent in the art world, we want to offer an alternative for people of all backgrounds. It’s important to offer spaces for new and different opinions, not always agreeing ones. Debate is an important part of our company culture.  Afterall, art is entirely subjective and should better reflect the society in which we live.

How did Queer Frontiers first come about and can you tell us a bit more about it?

Queer Frontiers is a real passion project for me and the team.  We’re about to go into our third edition in support of Renaissance Foundation this year on a theme of standing together.  As a business, we spend most of our year selling and renting art, so we’re doing what we do best in aid of a great cause.

What format will QF be taking this year?

Usually we’d hang a physical exhibition, have parties, events, talks, but this year we’re taking everything online.  Coronavirus won’t stop us raising money and awareness for queer artists, allies and our chosen charity Renaissance Foundation this year.

What change would you like to see/help to enact in the next year? (Eg, greater queer representation in museums & galleries)

The essence of Queer Frontiers this year is about standing together, about free self-expression.  In the next 12 months, it would be incredible to see a concerted effort for greater representation of artists from marginalised backgrounds in arts institutions.