Written by Amy Steadman • Published 08th February 2013


Image Courtesy of Kake, flickr.com

Image Courtesy of Kake, flickr.com

And so it begins….goodbye Ann Summers, see you in a week. Not knowing what to expect I climb the stairs of Hammer House (only to then realise there is a rather nice lift that could have saved me the tough climb) and enter the buzzing offices to be greeted by the lovely Hollie and PHA Team.

Having been given the ‘grand tour’ and introductions, secretly thinking ‘I am never going to remember everyone’s names’, I am given my first task….

THE BLOG – With the PHA team being social media fanatics, what better way to start my experience than to write a blog for the website, the first blog I have done in my ENTIRE life, so no pressure?!

Having that morning been sent this picture from my best friend of the rather amazing David Beckham, I found it pretty hard to think of any other subject to focus my blog on, so combining my love of Fashion and the link with Mr Beckham, I chose to blog about Victoria Beckham’s new ‘Icon’ range.


First task… “check!”…. and loved it. I can certainly see why anyone in Fashion & Lifestyle PR LOVE their job!

Having scoffed a few caramel digestives and flapjacks, washed down with a cup of tea, I am onto my next task which relates to the one and only Ann Summers, my ‘bread and butter’ so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Gathering research on rather interesting subjects relating to an up and coming TV documentary, I easily spend a couple of hours searching and collating the information I have found. Research proves to be an enjoyable task and I get a real insight into the various methods the team uses to source specific information and luckily for me, as a real gossip junkie, browsing celebrity news and ‘kiss-n-tell’s’ qualifies as “research”.

I also experienced my first, group brainstorming session, where various members of the team, all working with different clients come together and help come up with ideas based on one client’s needs. This time it is Ann Summers, so you can imagine a few outrageous ideas and laughs came spilling from the meeting room. Having been involved in this, I could see how extremely talented the girls are, why they are in this industry and why PHA are such a successful PR company! This is where I got a real sense of teamwork and saw how important it is in this industry to have such a good and supportive relationship with those you work with.

To add to my week at PHA I have met with clients, put together press releases and interesting case studies, to name a few, and was close to meeting Simon Pegg! I have also witnessed some challenging situations with clients and seen how these are carefully considered and dealt with in a professional manner.

One of the most difficult tasks I have been faced with every day this week has been the torture of walking past all of the great stores on Oxford Street without venturing in and spending a fortune on the new monochrome pieces, gorgeous bags and shoes….. and then onto Wardour Street to be taunted by the fabulous eateries and cream cakes staring at me through the glass windows.  I have on the other hand become a great window shopper!

Hollie (and the team) have involved me in some great tasks this week, taking time out of their busy schedules to offer me some invaluable advice and insight into the world of PR, the variety of the job and how no day is ever the same. Whilst this means you can be faced some real challenges and difficult client requests, it only adds to the appeal of the job. I am hoping I can use what I have learnt this week and transfer it into my role as Assistant PA to Jacqueline Gold and work alongside PHA to deliver the best possible PR related support.

BIG thanks to the lovely PHA team!!