Written by • Published 4th December 2013 • 2 minute read

Image Courtesy of Dawn Ritchie, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Dawn Ritchie, flickr. com

With the festive season about to kick off any second now, and the January issues of glossy publications hitting the shelves within the next few days; we all need to prepare ourselves for the barrage of ‘shape up for 2014’ tips, products, programmes and recipes that we will be bombarded with over the coming weeks.

The majority of us are yet to let a single calorific canapé pass our lips however, the diet industry is already in overdrive with a variety of products promising to help us achieve our dream figure in 2014.

We all know that weight loss is big business for many brands, however, at this time of year, in particular, it also provides health and beauty PR’s with countless opportunities to catapult their clients into the spotlight and achieve widespread coverage across multiple media platforms.

With so many companies in contention, it can be tricky to ensure that your brand catches the media’s eye amongst a sea of ‘New Year, New You’ titled press releases. Companies within the industry need to ensure that they are thinking outside the box and providing the press with new and exciting ways in which to shed the lbs. once the festive fun has drawn to a close.

How do you ensure that your product/service stands out from the crowd?

For many brands and their PR teams, this will involve putting a fresh spin on a tried and tested method for quick, convenient and sustainable weight loss.

For nationwide diet food delivery service Balance Box, this has meant building on the success of their January 2013 launch programme and giving it a 2014 twist by throwing over 60 new recipes into the mix to create the original Sensational Slim programme. Despite the fact that the whole media industry goes diet crazy throughout December and January companies are still competing for limited space within relevant features, so unless your product has a unique edge then it is in danger of being left out of the final edits.

Most importantly, however, products have really got to deliver if they are going to succeed, as health and beauty journalists will be inundated with offers of complementary trials. Whilst strong relationships between PR’s and their press contacts will guarantee you a place on the trialling list and ensure your samples are in the right hands, only those products who live up to their promises of helping you to ‘drop a dress size’ and ‘feel fantastic both inside and out’ will win the real battle this January.