Written by Lauren Felber • Published 05th November 2013

Every year 60 million people across the UK head off on a holiday, all looking for an escape from their busy lives, wanting to experience luxury, relaxation and adventure. With the holiday industry currently worth around £115 billion, it’s a big business that everyone wants a piece of and is set to grow.

Over recent years, travel has become much cheaper with the likes of Ryanair and Easy Jet offering rock-bottom flight prices to most European destinations. As the travel industry has developed, we have now moved on from using traditional travel agents, to booking our own holiday’s online. As a result of this, holiday companies have had to develop with this change, and new travel companies are emerging all the time to cater for all budgets. For example, IceLolly.com has become an increasingly popular online holiday company, offering people bargain breaks away while enabling people to book a holiday within minutes -catering for the busy consumer.

Yet there is a new type of travel agent; one that allows us to book a holiday whilst doing our weekly shop. The rise of the supermarket travel agent is a fairly new concept for most of us, but the reality is, they are set to take over the travel and tourism market. Offering bargain holidays for everyone, people are no longer popping into Tesco for just a loaf of bread. Supermarkets are now giving customers the opportunity to book a holiday in-store or online, making the supermarket a place to go to enhance our lifestyles, not just to stock our fridges.

Image Courtesy of Imperial Leather, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Imperial Leather, flickr. com

Tesco is a prime example of a worldwide retailer who has become more than just a supermarket. They have firmly established themselves as a lifestyle brand and offer its customers products

and services that will cater for every requirement; positioning themselves as a one-stop-shop for all their needs.

Whilst they have launched its travel brand in a very competitive market, what Tesco has, is a competitive pricing structure and customer loyalty which has been built up over many years. The addition of this service brings with it many opportunities – not only grown customer base, but a new angle for advertising and a fantastic PR opportunity to tell a different story. It is important that Tesco employ suitable travel PR for this new venture, to ensure that its presence is felt not only in the consumer retail market, but also in the world of travel also.

It seems the more traditional way to book a holiday has taken a backseat with the launch of supermarket travel, plus, in the middle of a recession, the supermarket travel agent looks set to take over the travel industry, truly becoming a one-stop shop for all of life’s necessities, and now a perfect place to book a holiday.