Written by Rachael White • Published 6th April 2020 • 3 minute read

The parenting and baby care market is ever relevant and continuously expanding with a variety of new brands and services available to parents each year. From sustainable baby clothing and accessories to the latest tech gadgets assisting women during their pregnancy, how can these brands successfully engage with their target audience in an increasingly competitive arena?

To maximise media cut through, it’s crucial that parenting and baby brands have a clear strategy in place and are willing to be flexible and adapt their approach when needed. Brands should also be conscious of the changing media landscape, which has seen a noticeable shift from print to digital in recent years. It’s therefore essential for brands to understand how to appropriately engage with the parenting community via social media, blogs, and influencers as well as print media.

Here we share our top tips on how parenting and baby care brands can secure positive coverage and maximise engagement with their target audience:

Advice-led feature generation

The news agenda is constantly changing and with the current focus on the Coronavirus pandemic, there are more challenges when it comes to gaining traction, particularly in national news media titles. It’s therefore important for brands to keep their finger on the pulse, consistently monitoring the news agenda in order to identify any opportunities.

Parenting and national media is particularly receptive to advice-led features given that their audience is keen for advice as they navigate pregnancy or parenthood for the first time. For example, offering expert advice or commentary from brand founders on current trends, relevant news stories or issues can be a great way to secure educational thought leadership articles, as well as increasing brand awareness whilst boosting credibility.

Influencer engagement

Social media is hugely significant for brands wanting to reach their target audience, therefore engaging with the parenting community via influencers is key for parenting and baby care brands!

Engaging with parenting influencers doesn’t necessarily mean only working with those that have a huge following. Micro-influencers who have an organic and engaged audience base who look to them for trusted advice and recommendations can be just as, and if not more effective.

There are numerous ways to work with parenting influencers, including organic gifting which involves offering products or services for review. This is a great way to introduce the brand and build up a genuine relationship with the influencer. Another way to work with parenting influencers is on a sponsored basis. This allows the brand more input on content, ensuring key brand information and messaging is conveyed.

Celebrity ambassadors

Authentic brand endorsement from celebrity mums and dads can be hugely powerful for parenting and baby brands. Enlisting the support of celebrities can do wonders for visibility as well as elevating the brand.

Not only do celebrities provide the opportunity for brands to tap into a large engaged audience base through social media, they can also provide multiple coverage opportunities if they have a strong media appeal. It’s key for brands considering working with a celebrity ambassador to identify celebrities who are relatable, have a positive reputation, are relevant to the brand, engaged with the product or service they will be promoting, as well as resonating with their target parenting audience.

Brands can successfully work with celebrities in several ways, such as recruiting a celebrity ambassador for the brand. This role could require the celebrity to act as the face of the brand, endorsing the brand in the media, on their social media channels, taking part in photoshoots or providing expert commentary on behalf of the brand.

Additionally, it’s always worth approaching parenting or pregnant celebrities, offering complementary products or services to try that may appeal to them, which can lead to positive social media coverage endorsing the brand. This is a great way to build up a genuine fan base amongst parenting celebrities as well as amplifying brand reach and awareness.

Parenting and baby care brands can, therefore, look to achieve great success with a 360 strategy in place. This should encompass an always-on proactive and reactive press office, as well as a considered approach to influencer and celebrity engagement.

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