Written by • Published 22nd June 2012 • 1 minute read

Image Courtesy of Nicky Clarke desiRED, flickr.com

Image Courtesy of Nicky Clarke desiRED, flickr.com

As my team will tell you, I am pretty hair-obsessed. And have had many trials and tribulations with my tresses. Long, short, brunette, blonde – it the last 12 months I’ve tried it all. What can I say I like to be flexible when it comes to styling my hair! Which is why I was THRILLED to try my lovely client Nicky Clarke electrical products’ Flexi Stylers!

I have to say these truly are a wonder product! I’ve spent many a therapeutic hour fiddling with a straightener and tong but never anything like this. Here are my top styling tips:

1. Blow-dry your hair (with the NEW Nicky Clarke AC Pro 2000 Dryer, of course!)

2. Roughly section your hair into four parts –  the top, underneath and each side.

3. Starting with the underneath, take large sections of your hair and wind around the individual Flexi Styler. Wind each section in a different direction to the previous one – for a more natural looking curl.

4. Wind the Flexi Stylers into each section and leave in whilst you get dressed and do your make up.

5. Remove the Flexi Stylers one by one and finger through, delicately separating each curl.

6. Hey Presto! Gorgeous natural curls!

The Flexi Stylers also come in a compact case – perfect for your travels!

Nicky Clarke Flexi Stylers are available from Boots and from the Nicky Clarke website.