Written by • Published 17th September 2014


Image Courtesy of raiza hasiman, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of raiza hasiman, flickr. com

Any girl born in the 90’s will recall impatiently waiting for the latest issue of Mizz or Bliss to hit the shop shelves. For me, collecting makeup ‘Freebies’, laughing at the latest ‘cringe confessions’ and wallpapering my room with cut-out posters of Boyzone and the Backstreet Boys became a monthly fixation.

Fifteen years later and much has changed.

While growing up in a society that continues to digitalise, my interest in magazines slowly tarnished. My mobile phone became a convenient portal for me to keep up with the latest news, particularly in areas of personal interest such as fashion and lifestyle. Recently graduating from University and starting a full-time job in London has especially amplified this digital relationship. From my morning and evening commute on the train, to waiting in the queue for my daily coffee at Starbucks, flicking through fashion websites and apps quickly became a habit to help me pass the time.

It’s not a case of disliking magazines, because you will always catch me at the dentist or nail salon reading through the heap of magazines stacked in the waiting area. Quite frankly; dishing out £2.99 for a chunky fashion magazine that takes up all the space in my handbag is a little too pricey and awfully inconvenient.

And then came HELLO! Fashion Monthly…


Over the past month, The PHA Group have been working with the HELLO! team to launch this brand new monthly title, aimed at 18-35 year old women with a passion for fashion. Nowadays it’s clear to see that women in this age bracket have hectic schedules and so require a convenient yet affordable gateway to the latest fashion trends. HELLO! Magazine cunningly came up with HELLO! Fashion Monthly as a way to address these needs. The new fashion magazine is super slim (easily slips into my handbag), only costs £1, and has a press deadline of 12 days which means that the fashion content is much more up to date than other monthly magazines who secure their content months in advance.

Not only is the launch of HELLO! Fashion Monthly exciting news for women wanting more accessible fashion – it is also a great opportunity for us PRs working with fashion, lifestyle & beauty clients seeing as print prospects are becoming more and more limited due to publications turning solely digital. At a time of turmoil for print magazines, in particular, the new publication is determined to prove that print is still preferred.

Well… they’ve convinced me!

Image Courtesy of Ximena Arriagada, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Ximena Arriagada, flickr. com

Flicking through the glossy pages of HELLO! Fashion Monthly at my desk swept me back to the satisfaction I used to feel tucked up on my sofa, quietly absorbing the latest style tips from my favourite 90s mags – although the content is evidently different. The first edition revealed a blend of designer and high-street fashion, with style tips and interviews from fashion leaders, designers and industry insiders (Olivia Palermo

Image Courtesy of BelledeCouture4, flickr.com

Image Courtesy of BelledeCouture4, flickr.com

and Poppy Delevingne to name a few!) For such a small price I was astounded at the quantity of quality fashion content that you get for your money. And with that, my love for fashion magazines was restored.

On reflection, googling the latest fashion trends and beauty tips on my phone was never that enjoyable. Squinting at a small mobile screen was a headache, and waiting for the pages to load was frustrating to say the least. I’m not saying that I no longer pick up my mobile phone for a quick fashion fix, because that would be a lie. But I now look to print fashion magazines more frequently for news and inspiration, as well as a little ‘me time’.


As part of the HELLO! Fashion Monthly launch we are running a #HFMSelfie competition to win £300 Top Shop vouchers. All you need to do is grab a copy and tweet or Instagram us your best selfie pose with the magazine… GOOD LUCK!