Written by Amy Steadman • Published 8th January 2013 • 1 minute read

Inspired by our friends in the Entrepreneur & Business team and their resolutions post, we in the Fashion & Lifestyle team have put our thinking caps on, and come up with our own New Year Resolutions for 2013. And this year we are definitely going to stick to them (honest!).


“As I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into at the end of March I have decided it is about time I really start taking the advice of the many health and fitness experts we have here at PHA and up my exercise regime for 2013.”


“To finally learn Italian, and this year I really do mean it!”


“To stop wasting Saturdays nursing a hangover and get out and explore more. I still REALLY want to go to the rain room and have done for ages!”


“My new year’s resolution is to completely re-do my room. My room is currently decorated with items from my mum’s house and from uni and I want to completely refurb, and buy a much needed 2nd wardrobe”


“So, my new years’ resolution is to make use of my (so far rarely used) gym membership – one too many mince pies has certainly taken their toll!”


“This year I am determined to invest in quality staple items for my wardrobe.  I am a sucker for fast fashion and end up only wearing things a handful of times.  I will be living by the motto Buy once and Buy well in 2013.”

Amy S

“I always notice a real improvement in my skin when I drink lots of water, so my new year’s resolution is to drink lots more water. a


“To keep on running, and get marathon fit by the time I need too – the 17th March! EEEEK!”


“Clear out my wardrobe of any items I haven’t worn for over a year and go through all my accessories so that I only had staples and loved items left.”

Amy H

“Invest in the classic trench coat that I’ve said I’m going to buy for at least 10 years now.”


“Hardly a chore I know, but I would like to improve my knowledge of wine and be a bit more experimental so I don’t always have to pick the same bottle just because I know I will like it.”