Written by Hayley Bromfield • Published 6th November 2018 • 2 minute read

Next week London welcomes back The Business Show, where 25,000 businesses will come together to share expert advice on how to develop and expand for the future. This year our focus turns to the fintech industry.  We take a look at the organisations leading the way at the fastest growing European business show.


Are you fed up of having to wait for other businesses to pay you? Acruna makes it faster, easier and cheaper than ever before to access money you’re owed. Late payments and lengthy payment terms leave business owners strained and restricted. Acruna allows you to access funds by simply sending an email about your cash flow issues.


inFund allows small business owners the opportunity to access funds through a simple, smart and flexible credit solution. The process to gain investment can be lengthy and complicated, inFund pledges to change this building a better world for smaller business owners. it’s time to say goodbye to inflexible loans and hello to a live credit facility with cash on tap and the freedom to control the flow.


If you’re a business owner and you need help with a mortgage, commercial loan, start-up loan or overdraft and trade finance advice ParaPara could be the solution for you. Claiming to be the one-stop-shop for small business owners Para Para provide financial support to businesses and business owners across a multitude of industries.


Arranging your insurance for your business can be a laborious task, but do not fear Tapoly might just have the solution for you. On-demand insurance for self-employed freelancers, sole traders, contractors, small businesses, and anyone else who is part of the sharing economy or gig economy can access insurance quotes through Tapoly who promise to have you sorted within two minutes. Offering flexible options such as single day cover, Tapoly’s insurance allows you to spend more time to focus on what you love.

Starling Bank

Banking – but not as you know it. The mobile-only banking app Starling has turned the not so great bits of traditional banking into a revolutionary intuitive app. With smart spending insights, real-time payment notifications and a built-in 24/7 support function. Starling Bank allows you to start building your financial life today with a bank that is leading the way.  


When TransferWise originally started out in 2010, it was because the founders Taavet and Kristo realised how much they were being ripped off by exchange rates and hidden fees. TransferWise is now a billion-dollar business which has received investment along the way from the likes of Richard Branson and PayPal founders, Max Levchin and Peter Thiel. Their mission is to provide instant, convenient and transparent money, allowing people and businesses in their increasingly global lives to pay and get paid in any currency around the world. With just one single upfront fee and the exchange rate you see on Google, this really is the future of currencies.

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