Written by Lily Barnes • Published 30th July 2018 • 1 minute read

The kids have broken up for the summer, the sun is shining and retailers across the country are preparing for the second biggest retail event of the year for their back to school products.

Uniforms, stationery, rucksacks and new shoes. As parents seek out the latest deals and offers, we’ve looked at the best offers from ultralow-priced uniforms to funky pencil cases.

Aldi & Lidl:

Aldi and Lidl have launched bargain school uniform ranges in the UK with clothes starting from £1.50 made from 100% responsibly sourced cotton. They both offer a wide range of clothes, from skirts, trousers and polos for boys and girls. With school uniform as the main priority for parents, both low-cost shops are quickly becoming a go-to destination for families.


Smiggle is the ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery and office supplies, bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles. This is a kids’ paradise, offering ingenious and kinky items like calculator blended in a pencil case, pizza scented pens and even a taco notepad. What a dream! Can we go back to school now?


Their mission? Making cool and unique design accessible to and affordable for everybody. They have a great selection of stationery and craft activities for all ages. Flying Tiger is all about being creative and finding inspiration for happy experiences with family and friends.


This Swedish designer stationery store offers pieces with beautiful, clean lines and colours with some cute pops here and there. Just walking into one of these meticulously designed stores will make you feel relaxed. This Scandinavian style stationery is perfect for both mums and children, offering a selection of colourful pencil cases, backpacks as well as lifestyle items.

Amazon Back-to-School shop:

Although Prime Day is over, Amazon still offers some pretty good deals. With their intuitive back to School page you can even shop by children’s grade. It’s Amazon, so you have a great selection of products from backpacks, desktop organisers, stationery and even musical instruments. This is also a great option for large families, as Amazon sell big pack of stationery that should last at least until the end of the year.

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