Written by Tom Clarke • Published 3rd September 2018 • 2 minute read

In the past back-to-school shopping would normally entail hunting for school uniform, a fashionable pencil case and some trusted biros. Times have moved, and technology has changed the way we work. We’ve looked at some of the hottest gadgets that your kids will be asking for and the alternative strategies they decide to use to market their product to the world.

Beurer 4-in-1 Wake Up Light

 Before the launch of the Beurer’s wake up light, the brand commissioned a survey that investigated what month British people found the most miserable. The results concluded that November with its dark evenings and plummeting temperatures made it the hardest month to get out of bed in the morning.

Beurer wanted to market their wake-up light, which does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to wake up naturally from a light that increases steadily, leaving you in a better mood ready to start your day. With the prior research conducted, when the product hit the market in early October. So when those little dears just won’t wake from their slumber, why not try the Beurer light.

LittleBits Code Kit

When LittleBits, a start-up that gives children the opportunity to learn basic coding, secured the licensing deal for the much-anticipated Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’, it provided an interesting concept for the start-up on how they would market their latest coding kit. The brand opted against using traditional TV adverts as part of their marketing campaign and decided to spend their budget on their social channels.

This Included using YouTube adverts, social media posts and promotional videos which used children mirrored off characters from the film showing them playing with the coding kit. When it came to maximising exposure from other social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, LittleBits targeted their parents, showcasing the e-learning benefits to their children and to resonate with their childhood nostalgia for Star Wars. 

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle

Gululu has built a community of over 40,000 users from 70+ countries by demonstrating an excellent content strategy of blogs and insights which provide parents with helpful tips on topics ranging from ‘How to spend more quality time with family in the digitalized age’ to ‘Listening is one of our most valued attributes of being a dad’. There utilisation of parent bloggers across social platforms, in particular, Twitter and Facebook, help drive brand awareness, engagement and increase sales traffic.

The product itself is an interactive drinks bottle that only allows you to progress in the game when you drink liquid from it. Described as an innovative way for parents to encourage their young ones to stay hydrated. The website also incorporates a smart idea which shows how a child would use the Gululu interactive bottle throughout the day.

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