Written by Lily Barnes • Published 17th July 2018 • 2 minute read

The summer holidays are around the corner and while they are full of fond childhood memories, it can be hard to keep your children entertained and productive over six weeks. Don’t panic, we’ve got this year’s school summer holidays sorted.

From fun activities to unicorn baking or nanny services, here are our top 5 start-ups that will save your holidays and get your kids creative juices flowing.

toucanBox is an award-winning subscription service delivering activity kits to kids age 3–8. Each box is built by educational experts to help develop key skills through hands-on play. All the materials, instructions and inspiration are included to make getting creative easy, stress-free and really good fun. It also helps families to bond as toucanBox encouraged them to participate in arts and crafts with their children.

Mud & Bloom is a subscription service delivering monthly gardening and nature craft box to kids age 3-8. Each box includes everything you need for two seasonal activities: one gardening and one nature craft – along with instructions, quizzes and games aimed at teaching children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. In this digital age, it’s sometimes hard to get children out of the house to play, Mud&Bloom are a great help and are making gardening entertaining.

Multi award-winning baking boxes and baking kits that encourage children to learn through play, creativity and food! BKD creates exciting themed activity boxes every month that will adapt depending on your kid’s needs. You can also buy some fun baking kits (our favourite is by far the Unicorn one), As well as workshops and bespoke kids baking parties, perfect for birthdays and playdates!

The digital world can be daunting for parents with more and more children accessing the internet at an increasingly younger age, and spending money without knowing it. Azoomee is an entertainment app designed for children to watch TV shows, play games and listen to audiobooks with internet safety being a key priority.

With tutorials, audiobooks, an art studio and a parent-approved messaging service, much of the content on the app actively encourages kids to get ‘off the screen’ and learn art, science, natural history, spelling and magic.

Launched by Rachel Carrell in 2016, Koru Kids provides parents with an efficient, affordable option for childcare. Carrell worked out that most families with children spend as much money on childcare as they do on their mortgage and set out to address this costly problem.

The service works by matching two families to one nanny, so each family pays less, while the nanny gets paid more. Better still, children get more individual attention than at nursery but are still socialised and make new friends. It’s a win-win!

Carrell believes flexible, convenient and reasonable childcare options are fundamental to equality and participation in the workforce. We couldn’t agree more.


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