IFA’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week 2021: Our four to watch

This week sees the UK celebrate the clinical benefits of aromatherapy, as aromatherapy awareness week (7th – 13th June) created and hosted by the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) returns for its 13th year. 

The first use of aromatherapy can be traced back to thousands of years ago where Aromatics would use plants and oils for religious reasons and creating medicines. If you fast-forward to the 20th century, aromatherapy was continuing to gain popularity as French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse claimed he successfully treated a burn using lavender oil. 

The theme for this year’s Aromatherapy Awareness Week is focused on raising awareness of how essential oils can improve the psychological effects that the pandemic has had on mental health. 

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at four aromatherapy brands that offer natural remedies to consumers. 

Aromatherapy Associates

A leading luxury and wellbeing brand that specialises in creating therapeutic essential oils and blends that have been hand-crafted to naturally help consumers sleep better, reduce stress, lift energy, build confidence and cultivate optimism. 

Founders Geraldine and Sue have over 30 years of experience when it comes to sharing the therapeutic powers of essential oils and are the driving force behind the business. Demanding the highest quality from their products, searching the world to source the finest ingredients to create mood, spirit and mind-enhancing formulations. 

The brand has also been awarded B Corp status meaning that as a business they place people and the planet on the same footing as profit. 


Passionate about improving wellbeing, Tisserand has cultivated a unique team of experts based in the UK who source, blend and procure the finest quality essential oils from the offices based in West Sussex deep in the heart of the South Downs. 

Customers can select oils based on the mood that they want to achieve, whilst they can choose wellbeing blends depending on the solution desired, whether that is an energy boost, happy vibes or simply to be able to sleep better. 

Robert Tisserand founded the business in 1974 and despite over a decade of financial struggles and discouragement from others, Robert continued to follow his dream and hand-bottled the oils, hand-wrote labels and packed the parcels that he would dispatch to customers every Saturday morning from his local post office. 

Tisserand offer a free online membership club that allows customers to get exclusive access to offers, member-only events special offers and much more!

1001 Remedies

The idea for 1001 Remedies was born when Parisian Sofia Belcadi moved to the busy city of London with her husband and her daughter, soon after Sofia realised how pollution and daily stress was affecting both her and her daughter’s wellbeing. 

Driven by wanting a better world for her daughter to grow up in, Sofia began creating remedies, sustainably blending generations of aromatherapy knowledge with innovative scientific information to create products designed to be used as wellbeing rituals. 

Since those early days of experimenting, Sofia has gone on to create a formula called ‘modern aromatherapy’, the process of using essential oils from plant extracts in combinations that are geared up to tackle the strain of modern life. 

As Sofia was born and raised in Morocco, she has decided to support Education For All Morocco (EFA) a non-profit organisation that ensures teenage girls from the remotest and poorest villages in the High Atlas region of Morocco can continue their education. 


Believing that wellbeing starts with the little moments, NEOM are inspiring people to live naturally healthier lives, through their 100% natural fragrances that help with better sleep, less stress, boost energy and ultimately lift mood. 

 After years of working 60 plus hour weeks as a journalist, Nicola Elliott was feeling the effects and noticed that her friends were also in a similar position. This led to Nicola kickstarting her wellbeing career by training as an aromatherapist. 

NEOM are also proud partners of the Mental Health Foundation, over 2020/2021 the partnership will see NEOM raise money to specifically support the Mental Health Foundation Peer Education Project and reach 5,000 students in the UK. The Peer Education Project aims to equip children to understand, protect and sustain their mental health throughout their school career and beyond. 

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