5 things to check before a website launch

Whether you’re a developer who has been writing code or a designer who’s worked on putting together a dazzling design, launching a new website is always an exciting time. Seeing the fruits of your labour is something you’ve been eagerly waiting for and equally desperate to share.

But before you rush into pushing it live, have you double checked the details? Does all your imagery have alt text? Do the meta-descriptions accurately describe your content?

As Senior Web Developer here at The PHA Group, I’ve worked on numerous websites such as the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation or the health IT company, Patientory. Here are my five top things to check before launching a website.

Mobile responsiveness

Based off of 2 Trillion site visits in the US in 2017 from 2016 the percentage of visits from mobile devices grew from 57% to 63% comprehensively beating desktop which made up the difference (37%). Mobile also saw a significant drop in bounce rate from 52% to 47%, whilst the time people spent on a site on mobile grew from 40% to 49%. If you didn’t know it by now, mobile is on the rise. Make sure your site is fully functioning on it and performs just as well as on desktop. Accelerated mobile landing pages should appear on your to-do list.

Testing in multiple browsers

Remember not everyone who visits your site will be using the same browser. From Chrome to Firefox to Internet Explorer, you need to ensure your site is consistent. For us at PHA that involves testing it in all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 9. In recent years, we have stopped catering for Internet Explorer 8 and below since Microsoft ended its support for them.

Have you added in analytics?

Without analytics, you’ll lose out on valuable data on your site. You won’t be able to track how many visitors you have on your site, what content they’ve been engaging in, how long did they spend on your site, did they make an enquiry through the website, and so much more. Trust us on this one, get it in before launch and you’ll save yourself a headache later. Analytics is also a really insightful tool for your communication and marketing teams. They can use this to understand your customer base and help make your targeting and decisions more informed.

Search engines

Have you allowed your site to be indexed by search engines? If you launch your website and it’s still blocking indexing, you may be left scratching your head as to where all your visitors are. It’s simple they can’t find you! On WordPress, it’s important to ensure you’ve unticked the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ tick box in the admin panel. Once you’ve ensured there’s nothing blocking them, to speed up the process you should always submit your site URL to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Is the client happy?

Arguably the most important thing on this list. Before going live, make sure to take your client through every page of the site and straightened out any issues before it’s noticed by their customers. Once the clients happy and you’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s you will be able to share you and your team’s hard work with the world!

If you would like to talk to our Studio team about a website design or build, then please get in touch with a member of our award-winning team today. We’d love to bring your ideas to life.

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