5 pet startups you need to know about

Have you bought a pet in 2018? The chances are that if you haven’t you know someone who has. Families opening their homes up to fluffy little puppies and purring kittens has taken this year by storm, not only are families increasing the number of pets in their household but are also committed to spending more. Due to an increase in the UK, this has seen a rise in bespoke food and service startups.

From finding the perfect dog sitter, to making sure your feline’s friends health is being looked after, we’ve taken a look at the five pet startups that you can’t miss out on.


Founded in 2016, the London start-up is devoted to pet healthcare, using revolutionary technology, Felcana monitors your pet’s health and wellbeing through an app. Felcana continuously gathers clinical-grade data about your pet regarding its drinking and eating habits, it’s body temperature and also how it sleeps. Once the information has been gathered Felcana will then send insights and reports to you about your pet which can be easily shared with your vet.

Butternut Box

The UK’s home for fresh dog food delivery. Butternut Box use fresh natural ingredients developed by nutritionists and praised by vets. For pet owners knowing how much to feed your pet can sometimes be quite challenging especially if they are always active. Butternut Box has cleverly designed portion sizes bespoke to your dogs required calorie intake, meaning your favourite pooch will stay healthy and lean.


You and your pet no longer need to fear that dreaded trip to the vets. PawSquad is all about offering a service where the vet comes to you. Vets can visit your pet in the comfort of your own home and fit into your schedule. PawSquad also offer a 24/7 video and phone consultation service so you have access to immediate vet advice when you need it.


As anyone who owns a pet knows, animals immerse themselves with the family and become part of it very quickly, so when you do have to leave them at home alone you want to make sure you leave them in the best hands possible. Using the app simply plug in the dates that you need a pet babysitter and let DogBuddy do the rest.


A platform that matches dog buyers with trusted dog breeders. The startup launched back in 2017 with the aim of easing the process of looking for and purchasing a dog. Simply create a dog seeker profile, fill out your preferences in terms of what breed you are looking for and leave the rest to Tailwise who will then set-up interviews with fully verified breeders.

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