Top 5 charity and social good campaigns of 2016

2016 was the year of video content, and these campaigns certainly showcase some of the best of this talent. Video’s ability manipulate emotion and effectively convey even the most complicated issues lends itself well to charity and social good campaigns. Here we take a look at our top pics from the year, and what they did so well!

This brilliant video from The National Autistic Society shows a minute and a half through the eyes of an autistic child. The walk through the shopping centre shows the challenges that those with autism have, specifically the information and stimulus overload that can be particularly distressing.

Although it received some backlash for reducing the many-faceted nature of autism, and the whole host of different symptoms across the autistic spectrum, it still relayed an important message of acceptance and open-mindedness. People should be careful not to view this video and suddenly assume total knowledge and understanding of the disorder. However, it was still a hugely powerful campaign and quickly went viral.

We absolutely loved this year’s Paralympic campaign. This all singing all dancing affair was a fantastic display of talent and success. Quite apart from making us feel wholly unimpressive, the song was incredibly catchy and one of the most feel-good campaigns we saw all year. This charming and emotive 3 minute display of excellence is a sure winner for our top 5 picks of 2016.

This campaign highlighted the inequalities faced by young girl’s every day, and experienced in every part of their life. The words of others echo and reform at later stages, chipping away their self-belief and confidence. This campaign aimed to dispel these preconceptions and empower young girls to participate and get stuck in wherever they please. Girl Guiding has always been a group aiming to engage and teach young girls skills and values so that they can really make their impact in the world. #ForTheGirl showed Girl Guides relevance today and received over 600,000 views on the original Facebook post alone.

This cleverly constructed, informative and though provoking advert addresses a huge number of issues faced daily by the world’s most vulnerable. The Alphabet of Illiteracy sees each letter feature an issue that illiteracy is proven to fuel; the simplified approach to such a complicated issue is really driven home by clever animation. Very deservingly, it won the 2016 Cannes Lions Health and Wellness Grand Prix.

Okay so this one is just on the wrong side of 2016, but it’s just too good to leave out. The video explores how we understand and position ourselves in society, and how we naturally do the same to others. By ‘unboxing’ people we are more open to out similarities, and so more open to new relationships and interactions. The message behind this video comes at a time of increasing uncertainty and distrust of others, especially of those from a different background to us. All That We Share does an excellent job of reminding us that there is more that unites than divides us, even if it’s something as small as never having seen a cow…

Special shout out to the BBC Three mini-series, ‘Things not to say to …’ This is a hilarious and genuine insight into the lives of people facing various disabilities and challenges. Their frank and honest approach makes their condition more relatable and combats many of the taboos faced in daily life. Also, it’s just a great example of bite-sized video content that is so successful these days. These videos are a real coming together of important social good campaigns and digestible and shareable content.

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